A new franchise has emerged in the land of the rising sun, and it's big. Literally. FATMOUSE, a charming rodent with plans for world domination and the systematic consumption of all unbelievers, has become the biggest idol seen by the island nation since Pikachu.

To find out what's hot, one only has to travel to the Shibuya district, trend center of Tokyo. And noone knows hot better than the youth of Shibuya, who are pictured here lining up in droves to see FATMOUSE live in concert. The fun does not stop with shows and his weekly prime time series, however. FATMOUSE fans can also play the FATMOUSE trading card game, call FATMOUSE on the CellNet CelebriChat Network, or even visit the FATMOUSE amusement park, complete with rides, games, and a chance to meet FATMOUSE as he wanders the grounds in search of carbohydrates.

One cannot go outside without seeing the charismatic face of FATMOUSE in Tokyo. FATMOUSE advertises just about everything; from real estate

to his very own brand of FATMOUSE candy.

People just can't stop praising FATMOUSE! Here's what the citizens of Tokyo had to say:

"[FATMOUSE] is a dynamic, clever character... People of all ages love FATMOUSE. When he goes 'FATMOUSE HATES THE IRISH', they laugh. When he goes "FATMOUSE WILL EAT YOUR HEAD', they applaud. [FATMOUSE] can sell anything to anyone, he is that appealing. He can sell vegetables to the overweight. He can sell dancer monkeys to the poor. He can even sell robots to your grandmother. FATMOUSE is a modern genius" -- Iori Yasuka, Vice President of Marketing, PandaTech

"I love FATMOUSE. My friends love FATMOUSE. If you do not know FATMOUSE, do not love FATMOUSE, you will be left behind socially. At my school FATMOUSE is a universal language spoken by all of my peers..." -- Kiora Ozuki, Student

"FATMOUSU-SAN gave my life meaning. Before the advent of FATMOUSU-SAN, my life was nothing but 60 hour a week shifts at the factory, and an annoying wife and disobedient children. But now that FATMOUSU-SAN has inspired me with his message of gluttony, I can once again feel like life is worth living." -- Hiro Washuna, Laborer